Research and Training Center

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The Institute of Forensic Science, faculty of the University of New Haven and students have been involved in research in various areas of forensic science for numerous years. Areas of research include crime scene investigation, human biometric identification, DNA and other biological evidence, trace evidence, drugs and narcotics, teleforensic communications and cybercrime detection. Among the research conducted by faculty and students and supported by the Institute are several DNA projects. Currently, Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Coyle and Elaine Pagliaro are currently applying high-pressure extraction techniques to fingernails, in collaboration with the Pressure BioSciences, Inc. members of that team are also researching use of the high pressure extraction with marijuana sample cards and other botanical materials.

Dr. Coyle is extending her interest in bones to the examination of a skeleton found locally that is thought to be more than 1000 years old. She and interested students are using the portable x-ray to document the bones in addition to analyzing selected samples.

Executive Director Timothy Palmbach, Dr. Henry Lee and several graduate students explored the use of Alternate Light Source (ALS) light interactions with various common types of physical evidence encountered during criminal investigations. A comprehensive list of recommendations describing the optimal methods to analyze each category of evidence with alternate light and filters was developed. These findings have use in both the forensic science laboratory and at actual crime scenes.