National Crime Scene Training & Technology Center

The Henry C. Lee Institute has trained more than 6,000 practitioners from all 50 states, and hundreds of students from 30 different countries outside the United States. In addition to the scores of classes offered at the Institute as part of its on-going training program, the faculty and fellows of the Institute have participated in presentations to members of the university community and the public.

Federal grants establishing a regional Forensic Technology Assistance Team (2010) and the Evidence Response Training Center (2009) provide access to advanced technology and training that can be used by local, state, and regional law enforcement personnel. Instructors of those training classes included practitioners who are widely recognized for their expertise as forensic scientists, academics, and manufacturers. This combination of trainers provides the opportunity to present a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to criminal justice personnel.

Our Ties to the University of New Haven

Dr. Lee has been a member of the faculty at the University of New Haven since 1975 and helped establish one of the foremost academic forensic programs in the world. The University and its students are world-renowned in this field. You can visit to find out more about undergraduate and graduate study in the University of New Haven’s Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences.

The Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science is housed in a state-of-the-art building on the University of New Haven campus. While we work hand-in-hand toward a common goal, it is important to note the Lee Institute is a separate entity that works closely with the University.

Through training, consultation, research and a unique public learning center, the Institute’s goal is to make the criminal justice system more effective. Toward that goal, we provide unique and effective training programs and cutting edge resources to professionals in the law enforcement fields.

More About Dr. Lee

Dr. Henry C. Lee is the founding father of the Institute. The legendary investigator is known for finding the tiniest clues. He has even solved a murder without a body. Find out more about the world-famous investigator on